Search Assist Technologies website launched 

Search Assist Technologies is foundation assisting in providing emergency and public safety agencies technology to perform their job safer, more efficiently, more thoroughly, with a higher degree of accuracy and add a higher level of safety for the volunteers. This is a non-profit organization… support a good cause and provide them with a donation, it […]

Site updated 

I’ve been bogged down in client work and slightly neglected this site. However, the contact form is now in place and site search has been fixed. Next items on to do list: Create login integration for clients. This will provide the following: Clients can review estimates and invoices online Documents can be shared online with […]

To do 

The site seems to be coming along quickly. Outstanding items remaining are the creation of a contact form, and getting the site search to work properly (though this may be just that Google Custom Search has not yet indexed this site!).

First Post! 

I’m currently implementing a new website for my web consulting. Please stay tuned for updates!